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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 25, 2016 12:00am-2:01am EDT

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question, and now you don't have time to answer the question about the economy. so maybe you will figure out a way to put that in later in the debate. mr. toomey, in june of this year, the pennsylvania house approved a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy instead of the current 24. opponents of the bill say it is necessary to prevent fetuses from feeling pain during a bortion. opponents say it is an effort by an 82% legislative body to limit a woman's right to abortion. what do you say? mr. toomey: here's what i say, this is a really tough issue, and there are good people on both sides of this issue, good people that i'm very close to on both sides of this issue.
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the reason it's tough? because it pits two competing values. on the one hand, there is the value of personal autonomy. that's very important all of us. the other hand, there's the importance of the sanctity of an innocent human life. when those two clash, for me, i come down on the side of life, so i am pro-life. i accept that, under particularly its reshooting circumstances like rape, est, or life of the mother, i would accept exceptions in those cases because they are so tough. but i think what we ought to do as a society is see where we can find common ground on a really tough issue. there has long been a consensus on a couple things. one, you don't perform an abortion on a baby that's about to be delivered. someone that's very far along, a seven pound baby girl, taking in -- kicking in her mother's womb, but katie mcginty is fine with that. there's no point at which abortion should be unacceptable for her. we've agreed for decades that we don't use taxpayer funding to pay for these abortions because of the difficulty of this issue, but again, katie mcginty disagrees with that. jim: your response? ms. mcginty: i do stand for the right of women to make incredibly difficult incisions
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-- decisions that are medically complex privately, with her family, with her doctor, in -- with her, and doctor, and in conversation with her god. but you know, the senator king's gruesome pictures. -- the senator paints gruesome pictures. i got a call couple weeks ago from a gentleman from southwestern pennsylvania. that gentleman shared a story that just underscores for me this is a decision for parents, for families, not for politicians. the room was painted. the baby furniture was purchased. the teddy bears were purchased. and it was very late in his wife's pregnancy, when a terrible condition with the baby was understood, and they had to make an excruciating decision to terminate that pregnancy. so, this should not be about politics. your position on this has been decidedly out of the mainstream, joining with donald trump in
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saying that women and their doctors should have to be jailed for making these excruciating decisions. that's not right. jim: thank you very much. we are going to take a one minute break. [applause] jim: we will be back, live from temple university, in 60 seconds. ♪ jim: it is the debate. i don't know if you heard any of that. we are back live at temple university, the debate between toomey and mcginty, one of the highest profile senate races in the country. we have invited our candidates to come off the podium for this segment. one has, and one has decided ash -- has decided to stay.
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mr. toomey: i'm going to join you. jim: thank you, sir. we are going to start with a question that was sent to us on twitter. we can start with ms. mcginty. it should be on the screen here. here we go. "how will you proceed with the future stalemate over filling the supreme court seat?" ms. mcginty: the constitution says clearly it is the job of united states senators to consider, advise, and consent on judicial nominees. unfortunately, senator toomey has joined the cabal that now has made a historical milestone that is not a proud one -- the longest extent of time that a nominee has been hanging out without an appropriate hearing. and it's not the first time that senator toomey has been harshly and determinedly partisan about
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a position that needs to be above politics. not long ago, he single-handedly held up for some 400 days judge louis restrepo and recently put obama on notice about another nominee, rebecca heywood, from allegheny county, that the senator won't even meet with her, won't even allow her to proceed toward hearing. i would do my job. let's get to work. let's have the hearings and the review of these nominees that we are supposed to do. jim: mr. toomey? mr. toomey: this is another one of those "she was the first in her family to go to college" stories. i supported judge restrepo. here is the thing. the supreme court, prior to the passing of justice scalia, was roughly balanced. there were decisions that conservatives like. there were decisions that liberals like katie mcginty like the obamacare decisions.
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with his passing, the question arises, will the court be in balance or will it swing to the left or the right? and in the heat of an election, with a new president coming in in just a few months, this is an opportunity to let the next president decide. that's my judgment. that's exactly what we should do. i will take a backseat to no one for the work that i've done in confirming judges for the federal bench. senator casey and i, working together in the six years i've been in the senate, we have confirmed 16 federal judges. 16. those are mostly democrats, because that's the nature of the arrangement when there is a democrat in the white house. but i worked with senator casey vet,cruit, affect -- confirm 16 federal judges to the bench, more than any other state in the union except california and new york. jim: we have some questions from students at temple university. they are video questions. the first one is from morgan. mr. toomey, you will answer it first. let's look at the screen. >> college that is a very huge -- college bet -- college debt
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is a very huge concern of mine. how would you plan to reduce the student debt for all students? mr. toomey: so, college debt is a big problem. i grew up in a blue-collar, working-class family. we couldn't afford the tuition for college, so, what we did was what a lot of families do, it was a combination of pell grants, student loans, and working my way through school. that's how my brothers, and sisters, and i were able to go through college. i think that combination makes sense. i have supported pell grant and increasing pell grants and i voted for legislation that puts a cap on student loans. it has to be a shared responsibility. the student needs to bear some of the burden for the education that will help them to earn more over the course of their life. the most important thing we can do is make sure that a graduating student has great job opportunities. katie mcginty is doubling down on the failed policies of the obama administration that don't create the kind of opportunities that allow students to have the income to pay off student debt.
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that is something we have got to change. ms. mcginty: that is an interesting story from senator toomey, but the record is different. there are many things we can do to bring down the cost of college. we have low interest rates. let's let families refinance outstanding debt. senator toomey said no. i'm glad you benefited from pell grants. unfortunately, you voted to cut $90 billion out of that program. even though 300,000 of your constituents depend on the program. middle-class families are struggling out there. bipartisan legislation that enabled an extended middle-class tax cut, so that families could afford college, and senator, you voted against that critical legislation. college is an important piece of enabling families have the -- families to have the skills and opportunities they need. we can get this done.
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i was proud working with governor wolf to restore funding for public colleges and universities, and we made a deal with the presidents of those universities to get more state money. you have to put a lid on the cost of college. jim: thank you. our next question from eagleville, pennsylvania. we are talking about a freshman majoring in bioengineering. let's look at that question. you will be the first answer, ms. mcginty. >> my question for the candidate is the big question we had been this election, how will we make sure that hard-working americans, who do their hard work and their fair share, will have a job in the future? and how can we make sure our economy is doing well and will continue to do well for future generations? ms. mcginty: thank you for that question. i think we had huge opportunities out there. i meet with ceos of small businesses and big businesses. they say they need skilled workers today. but we have gotten away from
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things like job training and apprenticeship programs. i would support that. and i proudly stand with secretary clinton and saying -- secretary clinton in saying that community college ought to be part of the high school, and extended certification and job training experience. i support making community college available. it's another way kids and families can afford college. when we have those skills, i am proud when i was secretary of environmental protection, i was proud to put the skills to work. we brought 300,000 jobs in renewable energy manufacturing here to pennsylvania. unfortunately, senator toomey, if it is not fossil fuel dirty energy, he's not for it. he worked to kill the tax credit to cut those 3000 jobs here. all of the money. , one of thee money single biggest recipients of big oil money in the u.s. congress. jim: mr. toomey. sen. toomey: yes, follow the money, the 3000 jobs she talks
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about came because she funneled your money to a foreign company to come here, set up a subsidiary. they rewarded her very handsomely. she became a multimillionaire by serving on the board of this company, rewarding her for your money going to them. then they folded up shop. every pennsylvania worker lost their job. pennsylvania taxpayers lost their money. but it worked ok for katie mcginty, she became a multimillionaire. that is not how you grow an economy. the other way you don't grow an economy is raising money on the -- raising taxes on the middle class. she has raised taxes on the middle class on every job she had in government. when she was chief of staff for tom wolfe, they proposed a massive tax increase. it was the biggest tax increase since the creation of the income tax. the fact is, we need lower taxes. that is what i have been working on since i got into public life. we need to push back on the crazy overregulation holding the economy back. that will help us create jobs and get prosperity we've been waiting for.
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jim: john harris is a freshman here at temple, majoring in secondary education. he has this question. mr. toomey, you will be first to answer. >> what are you going to do to bring green energy to the state of pennsylvania, rather than focusing mainly on fossil fuel energies? sen. toomey: my view on energy is whatever makes economic sense is what we ought to have. if it makes economic sense at windmills, and in some parts of the country it does, then that is what we ought to do. katie mcginty strategy is to use massive taxpayer subsidies to subsidize inefficient sources of energy that make no economic sense. that makes us poor at the country. -- makes us poor as a country. even on the upfront cash isn't enough to keep them going. she wants you to have to continue an ongoing subsidy to these companies. it is called the wind production tax credit that forces you are -- forces your tax dollars to go
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to people who cannot produce energy efficiently. taxpayers lose, the economy loses. everyone has a higher electric bill thanks to katie mcginty, because she force companies to buy inefficient and expensive sources. it doesn't make sense. as technology advances, we will have the ability to generate more electricity from the sun, the wind, and as that happens, it will be available and we will buy it. jim: thank you, sir. sen. toomey: in the meantime, we should stick with our energy. -- we should stick with low-cost energy. ms. mcginty: i think it's interesting the senator should say that the energy companies need to make it on their own, but he's one of the biggest offenders of billions of dollars every year of tax breaks to big oil. i don't know about you, but i think exxon mobil can afford to pay a few bucks in taxes. let's talk about taxes. his whole campaign is based on things that independent fact checkers have repeatedly just ties -- chastised the
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senator, because his ads have been untrue, false, misleading. here is real tax record for senator toomey. so far out of the mainstream, senator toomey has said repeatedly that his view is that the answer is we eliminate all corporate taxes. that is a $473 billion a year giveaway to his buddies in big business. they rewarded him handsomely, as he's one of the single largest recipients of cash from them. but who pays the bills? the senator bills would increase taxes on middle-class families by $3000 a year. jim: thank you, ms. mcginty. sen. toomey: he voted for taxes for middle-class families for college. jim: we will have the opportunity to talk about taxes when we come back. we also want to thank our students who have supplied their questions, and also on social media. we will take a quick break and we will be back. ♪
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jim: we are back live on the campus of temple university. we are having a good discussion, i think. we hope that you feel that as well. as for the candidates, has this been good for you so far? ms. mcginty: i wouldn't have missed it for the world. [laughter] jim: i want to ask a quick question of both of you. i'm just looking for quick impressions. you don't have to take the full minute. close to $100 million has been raised for this campaign. most of that money has gone to television ads across the state. it seems most of those ads have been harsh, bitter attacks against your opponent. here's my question. when voters hear this bad stuff about each of you for months, on end, every time they turn on the
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television, doesn't that contribute to the general sense of distrust in and distaste for politics and government that we have been hearing so much about recently? mr. toomey, you first. sen. toomey: there's no question, there's been a staggering amount of money spent, and a staggering amount of ads. katie mcginty will decry citizens united, but she is the big beneficiary of it. they have been spending far more on her behalf than the have against me. i suggested as a way to fight back against this, that we have five debates across the commonwealth. five debates so we can get into more in-depth discussions rather 30n these 32nd sound base -- second sound bites. she refused. i don't think it is there to paint everybody with the same broad. rush there's only one campaign that their ads had to be taken down because they were flagrantly dishonest. that is katie mcginty. that makes a difference. frankly, she tends to deny many of the things she has done. go to my website.
12:17 am you can see, we have documented the fact that the dep under her leadership used confession of judgment. she scripted the ad that had to be taken down. we have documented the dishonesty that has really been a problem in this campaign. ms. mcginty: what is dishonest is what the senator has just said. this actually only one candidate on this stage who had to take his act down, and that was senator toomey. my campaign has had to take no ads down. there's only one person standing on this stage, who repeatedly, independent fact checkers have said, his ads are false and misleading. no wonder the senator doesn't want us to look at his record. a record of owning a bank and foreclosing on constituents. i am proud to have the endorsement of an organization called and citizens united. it is dedicated to getting dark, secret money out of politics.
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senator toomey had a chance to vote on that and voted against overturning citizens united. no wonder. senator toomey has more money coming in from organizations like the koch brothers, then just about any candidate in the country. he has 100% voting record doing the bidding of organizations like the koch brothers. sen. toomey: thank you. jim: i'm not sure your respective answers had anything to eliminate this trust. distrust.te [laughter] jim: "the washington post" did a study of all police involved shootings in 2015, and found that black men, who represent 6% of the population, accounted for 40% of the unarmed men shot to death by police. i think we all agree that the vast majority of police officers are extraordinarily brave and noble men and women, but do you
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think these numbers show that there is institutional bias in america's police department? ms. mcginty: we've made a lot of progress as a country in terms of taking on racism and discrimination, but we by no means have fully succeeded in eradicating racism and discrimination from our society. i am happy to say, black lives matter. from where i stand, when we recognize the dignity of all people, we are all lifted up. when any person is denied dignity, we are taken down. i say that also has the daughter of a policeman, who revered the work of law enforcement. our family would say goodbye to dad in the morning, and we did not know after he walked his date, would he be coming back home. that is why i have moved forward to say, let's give the police force the equipment they need, double the community policing programs, and make sure they have equipment and resources to be active in the community.
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senator toomey has pushed a punish the police bill that would strip law enforcement of critical resources. i know that works from a tea party point of view, take any government program away. but it hurts our safety, security and community. jim: do you think there is institutional bias? ms. mcginty: i think that we still have work to do. i agree with your assessment. we have good men and women. but we have to look into our own hearts. we have not eradicated racism, discrimination, sexism. we have worked to deal with. jim: thank you. mr. toomey. sen. toomey: there's no question there are bad apples in any walk of life. any profession has some. i've seen videos of young black men being shot under circumstances that are very, very disturbing. i immediately called for a thorough investigation and holding people accountable for any wrongdoing. but i'm absolutely convinced that the vast majority of police
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men and women across the commonwealth and the country are not racist. they are trying to do the very best they can to protect us. the problem with the black lives matter movement and katie mcginty propagating this, is the phrase itself is meant to impugn the integrity of the police by implying they don't think black lives do matter. and, it is my view all lives matter, and i think police get that. i think police get that. [applause] jim: ladies and gentlemen, please. sen. toomey: i will simply finish by observing that i respect and honor the years that katie mcginty's father spent on the philadelphia police force, but the philadelphia police have endorsed me in this campaign, as have every other major police foundation in the commonwealth. [applause] jim: come on guys, please you have been great until now.
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millions of americans are irate that their premiums and deductibles have gone up under the affordable care act. proponents explain that much of the hike in premiums are due to the fact that insurance companies can no longer deny americans with pre-existing conditions, and cannot charge higher rates based on health status or gender. do you dispute that, and do you bring costs down, while still ensuring americans that are high-risk? sen. toomey: first of all, that's not causing the problem with obama care. the problem is it is fundamentally flawed in its design. we were told if you wanted to keep your insurance, you could keep it, when they knew they were systematically forbidding whole categories. we were told, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.
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you can't. the new insurance plans were designed to exclude doctors people were satisfied with. we were told the average family would pay $2500. it is the opposite. costs have gone through the roof. today, it is in a death spiral. it is collapsing. 40% of pennsylvania's have only -- pennsylvanians have only one choice. you can't fix it, because it is based on a flawed design that puts the government in control, that should be determined by mom and dad around the kitchen table, not a federal bureaucracy. i think what we ought to do is repeal obamacare completely. we will have to have a transition for people receiving subsidies. we need to move in a direction where individuals can control their health care. ms. mcginty: my question is, where has the senator been? he's been in washington for 18 years. this is obviously a critically important issue. where is your legislature --
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where is your legislation, senator? we need to make sure to bring down the cost of prescription drugs. where is your legislation to make sure people have their choice? i would take action. i think it is important that people not lose their health insurance because of pre-existing conditions. i think it is important we not kick people off of health insurance because they have a chronic disease, and they hit a cap. we have to the cost down. there are things we can do, i will do, that the senator won't. first, we have to take on big pharmaceutical companies. we are the only country in the world where federal law prohibits us from negotiating down the cost of prescription drugs, with the consequence that we pay sometimes 10 times as much for the very same drug. i will take that on, but the senator is a little too close to big pharma and big insurance. he will complain, but has done nothing to fix the problem. jim: let's talk about iran. you have expressed your complete support for the nuclear deal.
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since that was signed, they have fired for nuclear capable ballistic missiles, two of them with the words israel must be wiped out written in hebrew. iran has also held 10 american sailors hostage at gunpoint. has any of this ever given you pause that may be the iran nuclear deal wasn't such a good idea? ms. mcginty: i think this underscores the fact that iran is not a friend of the united states. that is why it was absolutely unacceptable that iran would be allowed to gain nuclear capability. in my analysis, yes, the agreement on the table was the best way to ensure that iran would not have nuclear capability. however, i've been very clear that we cannot tolerate any violation of either the nuclear
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deal itself, or other u.n. resolutions, including with respect to ballistic missile tests. i've been very public on the administration for tough sanctions. what we can do is what senator toomey has done. he missed 90% of key committee meetings and hearings on the issue. number one. number two, when he did show up, he voted in directions that make us less safe, voting against closing loopholes in the visa waiver program, voting against closing loopholes that allow terrorists to buy guns in the country. jim: thank you. we appreciate your response. mr. toomey. you now have the floor. sen. toomey: unfortunately, we know katie mcginty was dishonest about her family story, she was dishonest, blatantly so about the ads, and now she's being dishonest about my record in congress. it was a terrible failure of judgment to give $150 billion to
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the world's number one state sponsor of terrorism. as we gather here this evening, the iranian parliament has not ratified the agreement. no iranian government official has signed the agreement. they don't consider themselves bound by the agreement. but katie mcginty thinks it is fine. it is not fine. they are launching ballistic missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads. ask yourself, if their intention was to abandon the pursuit of nuclear weapons, why would they spend millions of dollars developing the ability to deliver nuclear weapons? as i said before, this is part of a disturbing pattern by the administration to essentially hegemony -- they will have nuclear weapons soon. that will probably trigger a nuclear arms race with a sunni arab country.
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this was a bad agreement. jim: i need a response of about 35 or 40 seconds. we are coming to the end. mr. toomey, i watched and interview you did in cnbc, when you called for the elimination of all corporate taxes. you said, let's not tax corporations. let them compete most aggressively on the global economy. if you had your druthers, would you get rid of corporate income tax? sen. toomey: i wouldn't. that was an in artful way to convey a simple message. the message is this. you can raise taxes on business if you like, but who pays that? they don't have a printing press in the basement. if you raise taxes, it ends up being paid by the customers of the business, who buy the products at higher prices. my point is, we should have a simpler tax code. this is terribly unfair. it is loaded with corporate welfare, the kind katie life so -- the kind that katie likes so she can reward her preferred industries. i hate corporate welfare. i have been the tip of the spear in the senate trying to end it. so much of it runs through the tax code. what we certainly shouldn't do is all a middle-class tax
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increases that katie mcginty has advocated, including income -- jim: that leads to my next question. ms. mcginty, you called for raising the ceiling on income for social security taxes from $118,000 to $250,000. you also support and build that calls for a .2% payroll tax increase to fund personal and family leave. you said you would not support increase.-class tax aren't they just that? ms. mcginty: no, i've been clear i don't support any increase in middle-class taxes. in fact, my whole campaign has been about putting forward tax cuts for middle class families. jim: but aren't they increases? ms. mcginty: let me accurately describe my proposal for social security. i disagree with senator toomey, who wants to hand social security over to wall street. that would be $1 trillion in
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fees for his friends on wall fees for his friends on wall street. but ruining the security of seniors. i say millionaires should pay their fair share. the senator just tried to change history on his own record. he's on record repeatedly saying he would eliminate all corporate taxes. he's on record pushing legislation that would cut taxes for millionaires by $300,000, while increasing taxes on middle-class families by $3000. and the corporate welfare does not end there. jim: that is all the time we have right now for questions and answers. the candidates will each have 90 seconds for closing statements. i think they have some things they want to say. by random draw, katie mcginty goes first. ms. mcginty: thanks to you and everyone for joining us and tuning in. this country was based on a basic idea. if you work hard, you can get ahead. that was the story in the mcginty family.
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a no complaint zone. youpick yourself up -- picked yourself up by your own bootstraps, all 10 of us kids. raisedn you were being if you worked hard, you could , pursue your dreams. now what i see out there in every part of the commonwealth is that people are giving us their all, with pride and dignity and trying their best. but the bills are tough to pay. you have heard spirited debate here. i will go to bat for working families and the middle class. frankly, it is those very same families that senator toomey has left behind, foreclosing on them in a predatory fashion, while he made money on his own banks. tried to take away hard-earned social security, and handing that over to wall street. refusing to stand up to china, when china doesn't play by the rules, and takes our manufacturing jobs away. this i know.
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we have a very bright future to give people the tools to succeed, no handouts. decent schools, college that is affordable, job training and apprenticeship programs. when we do that, no one can compete with the american worker. we will compete and win. i'm katie mcginty, thank you for having me here tonight. i ask you for the honor of your vote and support in this election. jim: pat toomey. [applause] sen. toomey: thank you. first, let me say, it has been an extraordinary honor to have the privilege to be the u.s. senator from pennsylvania for these last six years. you have heard tonight that there is substantial differences. if you want someone who will be a rubberstamp for the hillary clinton administration, katie mcginty is your candidate. if you want someone who will be independent, and will criticize the president when he's wrong from whatever party, i will be that candidate. we differ on security issues. you heard her defend the iran nuclear deal, which i'm certain is a bad deal for the u.s.
12:33 am
she's also a supporter of sanctuary cities, which i think endanger us in our communities. our differences are probably as stark as anything on economics. i met with families all across this commonwealth. i met with people who wonder why this economy isn't working for them. why is it that some people are doing fine with multimillions like katie? those assets have gone up in value, but hard-working families across the commonwealth has been falling behind. it is because of failed policies in washington. too much taxes, overspending, massive deficits, and way too much regulation. is it any wonder we are not getting the prosperity we need? katie mcginty with double down on the failed policies. i want to move in a different direction that frees up our economy to create jobs and elevating the standard of living we've been waiting for. i would be grateful for your vote on november 8. [applause]
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jim: that concludes tonight's debate. we would like to thank the candidates for appearing tonight. we would also like to thank our host, temple university. we would like to thank you for watching tonight. i'm jim gardner for action news. we leave you with these final words from the league of women voters. >> i'm susan, president of the league of women voters of pennsylvania. on behalf of our league members and the voters of pennsylvania, i extend our sincere thank you to the candidates, and to the moderator jim gardner, for providing this opportunity for pennsylvania voters to see the candidates for u.s. senate, and to hear their stance on the most important issues facing our commonwealth and our country. now, it is your turn for your voice to be heard. election day is tuesday, november 8. make sure you go to the polls and vote. it is your right and civic duty. ♪
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[applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] >> c-span it brings you more debates from key u.s. senate and governor debates. tuesday evening at 7:00 eastern, coverage on c-span. the indiana governor's debate between eric holcomb, john greg and >> bow -- wednesday at 7:00 -- chris van hollen and republican cathy's leica. beat -- on c-span, a to a debate for the florida senate. at 8:00rsday night eastern, republican senator and the democratic governor debate for the new hampshire senate seat.
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now until election day, watch key debates on the c-span network. and listen on the c-span radio app. c-span, where history unfolds daily. >> coming up on c-span, hillary clinton and senator elizabeth warren campaign. donald trump campaigns in tampa, florida. that will be followed by a look of north carolina's role as a battleground state in the 2016 elections. road to the white house coverage continues tuesday with presidential candidates in florida. hillary clinton speaks at a rally in coconut creek. -- we are live at 2:15 eastern. later we are live with donald trump in tallahassee at 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span two. ♪ >> c-span's washington journal,
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live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. this week where focusing on presidential battleground states leading to election day. coming up tuesday morning, it is iowa. about whye will talk iowa is a battleground state. iowa democratic party first vice chair will discuss the political layout of iowa and hillary clinton's chances of winning the state. --servative radio conservative talk radio host -- join the discussion. ♪ >> assets used senator elizabeth warren campaign with billy clinton in manchester. -- with hillary clinton in manchester. mrs. clinton and senator warren were joined by new hampshire governor who is running for u.s. senate.
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[applause] gov. hassan: good afternoon, new hampshire. [applause] hassan: it is truly an honor to be here with all of you, and to welcome back to new hampshire senator elizabeth warren and secretary hillary clinton. [applause] gov. hassan: as i know, they will both tell you, the stakes for this election could not be higher. that is why it is so important that we elect hillary clinton and democrats up and down the ticket on november 8.
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[applause] gov. hassan: hillary is fighting for our priorities, and as president, she will work to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those on the top. here in new hampshire, we have shown that it is possible to work across party lines, to get things done. we balanced to budgets without a sales or income tax. we are taking a comprehensive, hands-on approach to the heroin and opioid crisis. we froze in-state tuition and lowered it at community colleges. [applause] gov. hassan: i think you will all agree with me that it is long past time for washington to take the same approach. i'm running for the united states senate, because -- thank you. [applause]
12:41 am
gov. hassan: i'm running because i want to see a future where everyone who works hard has an opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead. where our middle class is growing and thriving, and where all parents can once again feel confident that their children will have a better future. i know that this is the vision hillary clinton will fight for as president. [applause] gov. hassan: but this vision stands in stark contrast to what we have seen from senator ayotte in washington. throughout her time in washington, senator ayotte has put her corporate special interest backers before the people of new hampshire, including voting with the koch brothers nearly 90% of the time in her first four years in office.
12:42 am
and for a month, senator ayotte stood by donald trump, reiterating her support for him at least 35 times, and even saying he should absolutely be a role model for our children, despite his anti-women comments and behavior. now, senator ayotte has made a political calculation to try to distance herself from trump, realizing that the political wind has shifted. that is not leadership. senator ayotte is looking out for her own political interests, not looking out for the people of new hampshire. i'm ready to change all that, but i need your help. [applause] gov. hassan: we need to put in the work to get out every last vote. every last vote, for a future with more good paying jobs and innovative companies. a future where higher education is affordable for everyone.
12:43 am
a future where we have turned the tide of climate change. a future where a woman's right to make her own health care decisions is no longer under attack. [applause] gov. hassan: and, a future where hard-working families finally come before corporate special interests in washington. that's what this election is about. so i have to ask all of you, are you ready to do it it takes to win? [applause] gov. hassan: are you ready to knock on more doors? are you ready to make more calls? are you ready to put in the work that is going to take to win this election? [cheering] gov. hassan: folks, 14 days.
12:44 am
there will be long days and nights ahead. but that has never stopped us before, and won't stop us now. i know we will stand together to fight for the priorities that make our stay strong, because -- make our state strong, because that's what we do. that's new hampshire. we can't let up now. let's keep new hampshire moving in the right direction. thank you, and onward to victory on november 8. [applause] gov. hassan: thank you. [applause] gov. hassan: now, it is my honor and pleasure to introduce senator elizabeth warren. [applause] gov. hassan: throughout her time in the united states senate and long before, senator warren has been a true champion for america's middle-class families,
12:45 am
from working to allow students to refinance their loans and make college more affordable, to protecting retirement security and strengthening consumer protection. senator warren is fighting to ensure that all americans who work hard have the opportunity to get ahead and stay. please join me in a warm new hampshire welcome for senator elizabeth warren. [applause] senator warren: hello, new hampshire. hello! [applause] sen. warren: i love coming to new hampshire. you know, this is like getting to hang out with your next-door neighbors. [laughter] sen. warren: it's true. we have nora healy and katherine
12:46 am
clark here from massachusetts. hanging out with our neighbors. i've been traveling all around the country for hillary clinton and our senate candidates. i've been to missouri, ohio, wisconsin, and pennsylvania. it is good to be in a place where i can say, go pats! [applause] sen. warren: it really is great to be in new hampshire. it is great to be in the home state of my dear friend, and your senior senator, jeanne shaheen. it is great to be in the state that is going to send carol shea-porter and annie custer to the united states congress. [applause] sen. warren: it is great to be in the state that is going to elect, colin van ostern as the next governor. [applause] sen. warren: it is great to be
12:47 am
in the state that is going to send maggie hassan to the united states senate. [applause] sen. warren: just one more. it is great to be in the state that is going to send hillary clinton to the white house. [applause] that's why we are here. [chanting "hillary, hillary"] senator warren: ok. i just want to be official here. i'm with her. are you with her? [applause] sen. warren: we are here today with someone who gets up every single day, and fights for us. someone who has spent her life fighting for children, spent her life fighting for women, spent her life fighting for families,
12:48 am
fighting for health care, fighting for human rights, fighting for a level playing field, fighting for those who need us most. hillary clinton fights for us. it is time for us to fight for hillary. [applause] sen. warren: i want to talk for just a minute about values. i grew up in a family that didn't have much. my daddy sold fencing and carpeting, ended up as a maintenance man. after he had a heart attack, my mom worked a minimum wage job at sears to keep our family above water. all three of my brothers went into the military. me, i just wanted to be a teacher. all my life, i wanted to be a teacher. can we hear it for america's teachers? [applause] sen. warren: i had the calling early on. i used to line up my dollies and teach school. it was tough.
12:49 am
i don't think you did your homework last night. [laughter] sen. warren: my parents would have given me anything they could, but they just didn't have the money to send me to college. the only way i could get to be a teacher was if i ended up at a commuter college that costs $50 a semester. it opened a million doors for me. the way i see it, i'm the daughter of a maintenance man, who ended up as a united states senator. hillary clinton is the daughter of a factory worker, granddaughter of a factory worker. and she's going to be elected president. we believe in that america. that is the america we fight for. [applause] sen. warren: we believe, but we are worried. worried that those opportunities are slipping away. in fact, a lot of america is worried. worried and angry.
12:50 am
angry that far too often, washington works for those at the top, and leaves everyone else behind. for 30 years now, republicans have pushed trickle down economics. they've done one thing -- they have helped the rich and powerful get richer and more powerful. they have stepped on the faces of everyone else who is trying to get a fighting chance to succeed. donald trump talks a big game about how the game is rigged. let's be clear. donald trump is right. the game is rigged. it is rigged for guys like donald trump. and i say it is time to fight back. maggie says it is time to fight back, hillary says it is time to fight back. [applause] sen. warren: we start our fight right here on college campuses. education builds opportunity, but not if people are getting crushed by student loan debt.
12:51 am
right now, it is a one-two punch. the high cost of college, and the high cost of student loans. the federal government is making billions of dollars in profits off the backs of our students. it is obscene to make money off people who are trying to get an education. [applause] sen. warren: but i want to be clear on this. we know where kelly ayotte stands. she voted against refinancing your student loans. [booing] sen. warren: and donald trump, we know where he stands on higher education. colleges need more money to bring down the cost of tuition. his plan is to get rid of all federal student loans, abolish the whole department of education. his plan is to set up another state university, cut out the middleman and a cheat the
12:52 am
students directly himself. that is why we fight back. [applause] sen. warren: college alone is reason enough to get out and vote. it is reason enough to get out and volunteer. hillary and maggie and i are determined to make debt-free college the law of this land. [applause] sen. warren: we are determined to refinance that $1.3 trillion in student loan debt. help us do that. help elect hillary and maggie, so that we can make college a pathway of opportunity. not just for rich kids, but for all of our kids. [applause] sen. warren: look, we want to build an america that is going to work. but that isn't going to happen with donald trump.
12:53 am
donald trump cheered on the 2008 financial crash, so he could scoop up real estate on the cheap. he stiffed small business owners, plumbers and painters and construction workers, when he built his casinos and golf courses. and donald trump disrespects, aggressively disrespects, more than half the human beings in this country. he thinks that because he has money, that he can call women pigs" and "bimbos." he thinks because he is a celebrity that he can rate women's bodies from one to 10. he thinks because he has a -- mouthful of tic tac's that he can't force himself on any woman within
12:54 am
groping distance. i have news for you, donald trump, women have had it with guys like you. [applause] sen. warren: and nasty women have really had a with guys like you. [cheers] sen. warren: get this, nasty women are tough, smart and nasty women vote. [cheers and applause] on november 8, we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever. [cheers and applause] for more than a
12:55 am
year, donald trump has made headlines almost every day. and where has senator kelly ayotte been? donald trump called latinos murderers and rapists. kelly ayotte stuck with him. he called african-americans thugs, and kelly stuck with him. donald trump attacked a gold star family. kelly ayotte stuck with them. donald trump praised vladimir putin. kelly stuck with him. donald trump even attacked kelly ayotte and called her weak, and kelly stuck with him. [laughter] sen. warren: during a debate a couple of weeks ago when she called donald trump a role model for kids, you cannot believe this. but now, donald trump is not doing so well, and kelly is running as fast as she can away from him. i will say one thing. donald trump sure has made kelly
12:56 am
ayotte dance. day one she loves him, day two, she stays with him, she spends she spins round and round. one thing about the people of new hampshire, you value guts. you make the right decision and stick with it. donald trump is right. kelly is weak. that is why a tough, smart fighter like governor maggie hassan is going to win on november 8. [applause] sen. warren: i love being here with smart, tough women. with hillary, maggie, carol. with annie. and with friends of women. colin. [cheers] sen. warren: just look at hillary's history. she's been on the receiving end
12:57 am
of one terrible right-wing attack after another for 25 years. but she has never backed down. [cheering and applause] sen. warren: she does not whine. she does not run to twitter at 3 :00 a.m. to call her opponents losers or dummies. she does not even cry that the election is rigged. hillary gets up every day and keeps on fighting. fighting for children, fighting for women, fighting for families, fighting for health care, fighting for human rights. [cheers and applause] [chanting "hillary!"] sen. warren: all right. so, we are with her.
12:58 am
there are two things we have to do. first, we have to vote. new hampshire has same-day registration at your polling locations, so no excuses. go to make a plan now. cast your vote for carol, colin, annie, maggie, and hillary. are you going to do that? [cheers and applause] sen. warren: second, do more than vote. volunteer. democracy needs you. you can knock on doors, make phone calls, monitor the polls, lawyers can help. everybody. if you have any time over the next 15 days, please volunteer. you can go to hillary you can go to i guarantee, we will use your time. we will use it well. please make this investment in democracy. get out there and volunteer. we need you on this. [applause]
12:59 am
sen. warren: it is so good for all of us to be here. this is fabulous. the way i see it, what elections are about, they ultimately come down to our values. it is not about one person or one candidate. it is about a movement. it is about a strong, powerful movement to make real change in this country. the kinds of change that we make together. since we are here together, let us remind ourselves why we get up in the morning, why we work hard all day, and why we are still working late at night. because of what we believe. we believe that every person should be able to get a college education without getting crushed by student loan debt. that means refinancing student loans and debt free college.
1:00 am
[cheers and applause] sen. warren: we believe that no one should work full-time and live in poverty. that means raising the minimum wage. and we will fight for it. [cheers and applause] sen. warren: senator warren: we believe that after a lifetime of hard work, people are entitled to retired with dignity. that means protecting and expanding social security, and we will do it.
1:01 am
you know, you may have heard wells fargo cheated tens of thousands of people. giant banks brought down our economy. we believe in the rules, real accountability, and if a ceo breaks the law, they ought to go to jail just like anyone else. [cheers and applause] senator warren: some police are controversial -- beliefs are controversial. i want to throw this one out there. we believe in science. [cheers and applause] senator warren: we believe that climate change is real. we have a moral obligation to protect this earth for our children and our grandchildren and our grandchildren's grandchildren. [cheers and applause] >> yes. boy, i cannot believe i have to
1:02 am
say this in 2016. we believe in equal pay for equal work and a woman's right to decisions for her own body. yes. [cheers and applause] senator warren: we believe that equal means equal. that is true in marriage, in the workplace, it is true for every place. we will fight for equality for all of our people. [cheers and applause] senator warren: you know, donald trump calls african-americans thugs, because muslims -- calls muslims terrorists. latinos rapists. we believe that racism and sexism and bigotry have no place in our country. we believe that black lives matter and that we won't build donald trump's stupid wall. [cheers and applause] senator warren: you do know i
1:03 am
can do this all day. [laughter] senator warren: we have a great speaker here, so i'm going to do one more, and then i'm going to quit. we believe that millionaires and billionaires and giant corporations should not be able to buy our elections and our politicians. corporations are not people. we will overturn citizens united and bring democracy back to the people. [cheers and applause] senator warren: this is hillary's agenda. this is maggie's agenda. this is colin and annie and carol's agenda. it is a progressive agenda. it is a new hampshire agenda. it is an american agenda. [cheers and applause] senator warren: hillary is ready to fight for us. are you ready to fight for hillary? then let's welcome to the stage, hillary clinton, our next president of the united states. [cheers and applause]
1:04 am
ms. clinton: that was great. that was great. thank you. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: thank you. wow. i don't know about you, but i could listen to elizabeth go all day. it is so great being here back in new hampshire. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: i have a significant unruly group of women i want to wellesley with back here. it is wonderful to be on this college campus and see so many young people here as maggie and
1:05 am
elizabeth and i were walking out to the stage, a lot of people were hanging out of the windows. we are glad that you have got the best of you here for what we're doing here. it is also exciting to be here with two weeks left because this is the most consequential election of our lifetimes. to see the energy and enthusiasm that this crowd displays, i saw it yesterday in north carolina and the day before in ohio. it really does demonstrate that americans are looking at what is at stake and are coming to the conclusion that we all have to be involved. involved in the remaining days of the campaign, and then everyone needs to turn out to vote. here in new hampshire, you have a lot of reasons to vote. you have great candidates for congress.
1:06 am
annie custer and carol porter deserve your support. you have a great candidate for governor. combat strength, thank you. i know that maggie at elizabeth and i -- and elizabeth and i have been out here, but i am hoping you will let people know what is at stake in the governor's race and in sending these extraordinary women to the house. it is exciting to be here with maggie and elizabeth because they are people who fight for you every single day. i know both of these women. it is a privilege to be on this stage with them. elizabeth warren has a track record of making it her mission to stand up against wall street. she is going to make sure that wall street never wrecks main
1:07 am
street again. you may not know that she was the person behind setting up the agency that protects consumers. the consumer financial protection bureau. it was set up to stand against and do something about the kinds of fraud and abuse we have seen from wells fargo. they are on the front lines of returning billions of dollars to americans who have been cheated and defrauded by big companies and others. it is fair to say some of the best tv you can see is on c-span when elizabeth is going after a
1:08 am
bank executive or regulator. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: she is refusing to let them off the hook. she is not just speaking for herself, is she? she is speaking for every single american who is frustrated and fed up. i am so looking forward to working with her to rewrite the rules or our economy and make sure we make it fairer for every single person working hard here in america. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: we are up here without our phones. you cannot check tweets. i kind of expect if donald heard what she just said -- heard what she just said, he's probably tweeting away. she gets under his thin skin like nobody else. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: whether she is
1:09 am
calling him out about his mysterious tax returns, she exposes him for what he is, temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be president of the united states. maggie is going to be a great united states senator or new hampshire. you don't have to take my word or elizabeth's work. look at what she is already done. new hampshire has the lowest unemployment rate in the entire country. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: during her governorship, it was ranked as the best state in the country for business. she did it a new hampshire way. she has brought people together, democrats, republicans, independents. i think she has the biggest legislature,
1:10 am
probably in the world, that she has to deal with. she has honed her skills of listening and working with people. she has taken on issues that really do keep families of -- together. from the skyrocketing cost of college and prescription drugs to helping students figure out ways to afford their education to helping those suffering from addiction and mental health to raising wages or hard-working families. what i love about maggie is that she is independent, she knows how to find common ground and how to stand her ground. that is exactly the kind of leader we need in the united states senate. we have got to break through the gridlock and
1:11 am
the dysfunction that has unfortunately marred washington. we have got to get back to listening respectfully. we can disagree without being disagreeable. that is why we need leaders like maggie. unlike her opponent, she has never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: she knows he should not be a role model for our kids or anybody else for that matter. i hope in these next 14 days you do everything you can to support her. i want to say a word about colin, who i have also known for a number of years now. maggie is leaving some big shoes, she doesn't look like it, but she is. some big shoes to fill as governor. colin is the person for that job. as a member of the executive council, and i remember this, he helped lead the fight to protect funding for planned parenthood in new hampshire. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: against his opponents, by the way. he has shown that he will stand
1:12 am
up for women's health 100% of the time, not just when it is politically convenient. he also worked with maggie to cross party lines to expand medicaid to more than 50,000 demonstrators. colin wants to do more to invest in clean energy like wind and solar to hold down energy costs and create good jobs in new hampshire and protect the beautiful environment of this state. he will fight to put into action the promise of higher education within reach for more families. please during these next days, make sure you are doing everything you can for colin, carol, and annie. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: did anyone see the last of debate? you know, i stood next to donald trump in three debates for 4.5
1:13 am
hours, proving once again that i have the stamina to be president. [cheers and applause] . >> i tried to use the time i had in all three to talk about what to me about, starting here in new hampshire and going across the country. because i take it really seriously. keep k the problems that you up at night that stand in the way of your getting away and ahead, of roig the best opportunity of a good middle class job with a rising income, and your kids, those are the problems that someone running for president should listen pay attention to. up with solutions for. i do have a lot of plans. criticized for having so many plans. tim kaine and have i actually
1:14 am
written a book. a copy right another copy, it's called stronger together and we lay out what we r plans for want to do if ear so honored as to be president and vice you know, i do have this old fashion idea, that here asking for your vote. o be your president i should tell you what i'm going to do. yesterday ini said north carolina, maybe it is a thing because we make lists. we do. we try to write down what we're upposed to do and cross them off through the day and week so to think about our plans as our list. our list as a country. economy ng to get the working for everybody, not just top.e at the we're going to make college
1:15 am
affordable and lower do cription drug cost and everything we can to keep faith we've said we're going to do. what a novel idea. to e actually going to try deliver results for you. donald said ebate, something, he said a lot of things that were troubling, but said something truly horrifying. he became the first person running for president, democrat, who refused to say that he would the results of this election. now -- that is a direct threat to our democracy. going to try to call it anything else because that's what it is. about the election being rigged, trying to stir up
1:16 am
are supporting him at his rallies. to our direct threat democracy. you, as e got to tell your secretary of state i went i went to tries, and countries where people were jailed for being political where they were exiled, where they were killed. i take this really seriously. peaceful , the transfer of power is one of the that makes our country great. something that we can't lose, something we shouldn't even doubt. we cannot give into cynicism, and i don't think we are. what's exciting to me, is across this country, at when donald nt
1:17 am
trump is making this attack on our fundamental values, our institutions, millions of people are standing up for democracy. strering, volunteering, voting early, [applause] mrs. clin: so when you get a discouraged, or you get frustrated by what you see in this campaign, think of this. just reached a historic milestone. more than 200 million americans registered to vote. [applause] mrs. clinton: and most exciting, more than 50 biggest oung people, number ever! you only see
1:18 am
numbers like this when people are standing up for what they believe in. i'm proud to see americans coming together, democrats, to blicans, independents, reject hate and division. and, you know, we're seeing that hampshire, too. we're more than our disagreements. americans. there is so much more that unites us than divides us. have the support of more than 150 republican leaders country tate who put before party. mra [applause] mrs. clinton: but this energy of e seeing is not because what we're against, as important as that is, it's because of what we're for. fighting for a future where everyone counts. a place, and has no one is left out or left behind. me, and i hope you as
1:19 am
well, this is about more than election. it's about the kind of country and our or our kids grandkids. to be what this has about. [applause] mrs. clinton: it's about the to pass on to our sons and daughters. e believe we should honor the men and women who fight for our ountry, and that america is safer when we work with our with to lead the world strength and intelligence. et my opponent attacked a grieving gold star family whose son died in iraq. no plan to defeat isis. he tweeted t night, that the new effort under way to of the terrorists out key city of mosul is already, disaster.e, a total
1:20 am
"looking our country is so dumb." imagine. imagine. this is a guy who says he knows ore about isis than the generals. i don't think so. [applause] clinton: he's basically declaring defeat before the battle has even started. he's proving to the world what unqualified ave an commander in chief. it's not only wrong, it's and it needs to be repudiated on november 8 here in new hampshire and across america. [applause] mrs. clinton: but just in case donald, it new for shouldn't surprise you or surprise anybody else, and i'll tell you why. he has been denigrating america for decades. it started before he ran against me. it started before president
1:21 am
obama took office. in 1987, he spent in "the new n ad york times" criticizing president reagan. and i quote, the world at does that sound familiar? his is someone who roots for failure, and takes glee in mocking our country no matter is. our president now, that may be who donald is p is, but this election about who we are. i want us to remember. america is great because america good. right? [applause] clinton: as our wonderful first lady michelle obama said right here in new hampshire, they go low, we go high! [cheers and applause]
1:22 am
clinton: this election poses a very clear choice on the economy. class thrives, america thrives. as elizabeth said, she's a of how that le works in america. so am i. every one of you here. that's what i want for every person, especially young people in america. ith your help, we're going to not only have elizabeth back in the senate but send maggie, sent carol, send annie, and major the in new jobs tment since world war ii. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: what does that mean? jobs in infrastructure, in our mass bridges, tunnels, transit, water systems. there is a lot of great work to be done here. guess what? are jobs that can't be
1:23 am
exported. they have got to be done right here in new hampshire and across america. i want us to invest in advanced there are -- and i know a lot of skeptics. they say we can't compete in anymore.ring i tell you what. i don't want us competing with low wage jobs. us competing for high wage jobs. germany is a major exporter of products.anufacturing i want to compete with germany and countries like that. precision. machining. 3-d printing. [applause] mrs. clinton: i want us to more in technology, innovation, and research. yes, in clean energy, because america the o make clean energy super power of the 20th century. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: i think we can deploy a half billion more solar panels withen the first four years and enough clean energy to end of ery home by the 10 years.
1:24 am
that's what i want people to be orking on and thinking about, and striving to achieve. [cheers and applause] rs. clinton: i'm excited about what we can do to make sure every young american is prepared. to start in the early years of life, in early pre-k.ion, universal i want kids to be prepared to succeed, because we're in a competition. you know what? i want us to step up and compete and win. i want you're schools. i want kids to have good teachers and good schools in zip code. i want to be a good partner with educators s and our new hampshire. [applause] bring inton: i want to back technical education to high school. i think we really shut the door too many young people who
1:25 am
could have gotten skills that would have given them a chance ahead, and working with our community colleges. we need to make sure that every american and every person coming back to upgrade our change skills can go to a college.y yes, we're going to make four-year college affordable. week, a new report came out showing that new ampshire students have very high levels of debt, and i know maggie has been fighting that. moratorium, and she's done what she could at the state level. but we've got to work together the national level to make this happen for students in new hampshire, families in new hampshire. [applause] clinton: so after our primary was over, and, you know what? i was really proud. i was really proud of the andaign that bernie sanders i ran. campaign -- was a
1:26 am
it was a campaign about ideas. not insults. what campaigns should be about. after it was over, bernie and i got together. together. heads and we came up with a plan to colleges and universities tuition-free for any families making less than $125,000 a year. [applause] mrs. clinton: if you make more than that, it will be debt-free. in other words, pay what you can, but let's not have kids and families going into debt to get education. this should be an investment of them ake on behalf and our country's future. [applause] mrs. clinton: no matter where you go to a great school like else, we'll-you pay down your student debt. easier because we're going to make it as a percentage of your income so look for er on the more than you can afford and if
1:27 am
you're interested to see how much you and your family could save, you can actually go to /calculator see how much you can save under that we're proposing. [applause] clinton: in addition to growing the economy, we need to do a lot more on small business. of new jobs will come from small business so we're going to make t focused on how we it possible to start and grow your small business. nd then we do have to make the economy fair, and that starts with raising the national minimum wage, because if you full time, i'm talking about full time workers, you shouldn't still be in poverty at end. work should provide a ladder of opportunity for people willing for it, to climb, right? [applause] clinton: and we're going to guarantee equal pay. going to make affordable
1:28 am
childcare so no one pays more for 10% of your income childcare. e're going to work for paid family leave. because this is the way families are today. s.'re not living in the 1950 families are under new stresses and strains. really o many who are just at the edge, they are making all they can make, one working full time. two parents working full time. ometimes part time on top of full time. and the other day, tim kaine and i were in pittsburgh and there a long line of people, a big overflow which we couldn't get the main room where we were. so tim was talking to the amilies there and there was a woman holding her 3-year-old child, a daughter, i think, and, was shaking hands and the woman looked up and said, i came hoping i could tell you or secretary clinton, that i had my baby three years ago, and the after i had my baby, i was
1:29 am
fired. asked if i lled and could have a few weeks because it had been a difficult pregnancy, and my baby was fine, but not all that she needed to be. got fired. and tim came in, you know, he's man, what a rful fine, fine human being. [applause] clinton: he said to me, there are reasons every day why motivated in this election. i just, i just have another reason. told me that story. i think your president should care about that. think your president should wake up every day thinking, i help empower people to make the most out of their own lives. you know? how do i knock down the barriers that give you the chance to go s far as your hard work and talent will take you, and then sometimes people say, how are you going to get all of this done? i have proposed plans that do
1:30 am
debt.d a penny to the because i see some of my long-time friends who were back 1992 campaign, and, you know, when my husband ended up, budget and a ced surplus, and actually, we were paying down the national debt, but here's what happened. trickle-down is, economics came back. so here's what i'm going to do. to ask the wealthy fair share.ay their we're going to -- we're going to goingthe loopholes, we're to end the fact that millionaires can pay a lower tax a teacher nurse or or a police officer. we're going to make big banks risks they pose to our economy. absolutely abeth is right. no, no bank is too big to fail, should be above the
1:31 am
law. o we're going to enforce that, and contrast that with donald trump. he believes if you give that's trillions to the t" in tax cuts wealthy, billionaires and millionaires, everyone will work out. it will for him. that's trickle-down economics on steroids. away the tough new rules that president obama imposed on wall street. would eliminate the consumer financial protection bureau that did so much to create. [boos] clinton: that was bad enough but then in the debates we learn that he hasn't played tax for years. so he hasn't paid a penny to military, our veterans, pell grants for kids to get an education. or anything else. and his explanation was, well, a billion dollars in a
1:32 am
year. now, i've pondered this. pondered this. he actually said it made him taxes.ot to pay income a how smart are you to lose billion dollars in a year? ever been to a casino? e lost a billion dollars running casinos? who does that. i have never heard of anybody. so we've got to make it clear donald is not on the side of american workers or american families. for all of his talk about putting america first, he makes in at least 12 other countries. businesses.all mom and pop contractors, who work for him. my dad was a small business owner. really hard. i'm just glad never got a donald trump.
1:33 am
because it was hard work. and people who do that work rewarded. not taken advantage of. how know a lot about donald trump works. and today, today we heard yet another story. about a maintenance worker at one of his golf courses. worker told his co-workers he was gay. him.hey started harassing they used anti-gay slurs to his face. threw rocks and golf balls at him. his supervisor saw it and did nothing. it got so bad, he wound up in the hospital. to the police t for help. he couldn't go back to work for se he was too scared his safety. and then he was fired by trump's golf club. a heartwrenching story on a lot of levels. for starters it's a painful of the harassment, discrimination that
1:34 am
too many lgbt americans face every day and it's deeply that instead of stepping in to stop the tormenters, trump's golf club urned on the victim for coming forward. if that's how donald trump runs his business what does that say how he would run our country? friends, there are lots of reasons, so many, to take this seriously. but here's what i want you to know. of course, i want you to vote more than us, but that, i want you to vote for familiess and for your and for your hope for our future together. [applause] mrs. clinton: because if you should women and girls be treated with dignity and espect, and that women should be able to her own healthcare decisions and marriage equality protected, and we have
1:35 am
to take on the epidemic of ubstance abuse disorders and addiction, if you believe in a foreign policy where we work ith our allies, not insult them, and achieve common goals toward peace and prosperity, vote.ou have to all of these issues are on the ballot this november. i believe with all of my eart that we will, after this election, get together to help the divide that has sprung so painful among us. [cheers and applause] clinton: so please, register and vote on the same day. to confirm your polling place. come help us these last two weeks. go to volunteer. take out your phone and text. you know to come out and vote.
1:36 am
i think this election is going motivated to is vote. we need each and every one of to to do everything you can make it to clear to everybody, if our future is at stake, you want to be part of a positive, optimistic, constant, future, please come out here in on november 8 new hampshire. thank you all [applause] ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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♪ at ere's a most reebts look -- ads by the trump recent -- here's a most recent by the run the campaign. >> if we want a hotel, we'll donald trump. >> all the respects she gives every individual. appreciate from clinton. >> i'm hillary clinton and i message. this >> i'm donald trump and i approve this message. > the man who murdered joshua alien. illegal >> he he took him to a field and and lihim with gasoline
1:54 am
set him on fire. the hardest day of my life. border policy will allow people into the country just like the one who murdered my son. tuesday, a on conversation on climate change nd the paris agreement with john -- state department special envoy live at the atlantic 11:30 a.m. ting at eastern here on c-span. religious freedom and civil rights. the alliance considers whether small business owners have the service to use others based on religious beliefs. 12:30 p.m. at here on c-span. c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. this week, we're focusing on presidential battleground states leading up to election day.
1:55 am
and coming up on tuesday morning, it's iowa, chief des ical reporter for the moines register jason noble. a ll talk about why iowa is battleground state. party n iowa democratic vice chair, will discuss the political layout of iowa and clinton's chance of winning the and conservative talk radio host will talk about donald trump's chances of iowa.g be sure to watch "washington journal," live 7:00 a.m. tuesday morning. join the discussion. donald trump spent monday at several campaign stops in florida. in tampa.rally it's about 40 minutes. >> i want to thank you, this is amazing. crowds are amazing, no matter where we go, we're going to make america great again. matter where we go these crowds are incredible. nd it's great to be back here
1:56 am
in tampa and to be back in my second home, florida. i love my second home. i love florida. [cheers and applause. donald trump: in case you heard, the new poll from nvestors business daily, most accurate poll for the last three far, ential elections by has us up two points nationwide, leading. number one. [cheers] r. trump: early voting in florida begins today through the fifth so make sure you get out whole thing, you know, the movement that they are all talking about all over the won't be the same, folks. we're not going to be able to do what we want to do. friends, your family, your co-workers out to vote so you can go vote today.
1:57 am
you can go vote tomorrow. but get out to vote. wait until the 8th. [cheers] trump: get out to vote. you know, this is a movement never seen in our country before. never seen. frankly, pundits, and some of them aren't so great, has never been a political phenomenon like what we'redoing right now, and all part of it, and we have to out and off, so get vote. think the american people our country is on the wrong rack according to all of the we're going tond fix it.
1:58 am
>> i love those pink size women trump. women for trump. we're going to put our country and on the right track to do it quickly. ogether we're going to deliver real change that puts america first. for a ng we haven't been long time. they don't put us first anymore. hey put other countries first that take our jobs, that take our companies, we're going to very, very quickly. so plan includes and it's important, we're going to our form the tax system of a mess. which is
1:59 am
we're going to stop all of the games, all all of the of the dishonesty. trade oing to have smart policies where we don't lose our jobs. smart energy policies, to create jobs in the next policies 10 years. and it'sately need it, going to happen. [applause] includes: my plan also repealing and replacing obama care! [cheers and applause] it's a disaster. and in case you haven't heard oday's news, it's just been announced that americans are yet another rience double digit spike in your and it for obama care
2:00 am
doesn't work. [boos] in some areas they are paying 60%-80% more than last year. it is over for a obamacare and hillary clinton wants to double down in and make it more expensive. i called it when it first came out. it is only getting worse and not only for you but for the country because our country cannot afford it, you cannot afford it, we are going to have great health care at a fraction of the cost. you watch, it will happen. on top of that, over two thirds of the counties are losing insurance and if you look at it all over, they are losing the insurance and one in five americans trapped in obamacare will only have one single insured to choose from and boy are those insurers going to have a good time with you. it is ridiculous. even bill clinton admitted that obamacare, he said, is the craziest thing in the world


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